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Welcome to Responsible Dog & Cat!
Responsible Dog & Cat is located in Sarasota FL and provides Florida dog training, Florida dog boarding and dog daycare. Responsible Dog & Cat serves the following communities: Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice

Responsible Dog and Cat, LLC offers several service options including:

  • Puppy Wellness™ Program
  • Training Wellness™ Program
  • specially designed behavior and training wellness programs
  • Dog boarding
  • Dog daycare
  • Telephone consultations
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Our services:
  • promote pet friendly training methods
  • enhance your individual pets overall welfare and relationship within your family
  • help owners resolve behavior problems
  • use proven behavioral science
    Read "Help! My Companion Animal Has a Behavior Problem" and visit the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants at to learn more.

Responsible Dog & Cat, LLC is owned by Joyce D. Kesling, a certified dog behavior consultant and professional trainer. As a certified dog behavior consultant, Joyce specializes in solving behavior problems i.e. jumping, barking, chewing, digging, housetraining, socialization and play behavior. More complex behavior problems such as aggression, anxieties, fears, phobias, sibling rivalry require a different and more specialized approach. You can read how Joyce assesses training from complex problem solving and read about her qualifications by clicking here.

Responsible Dog & Cat, LLC offers Sarasota, Florida dog boarding including special training options, and daycare taking into consideration your pet's emotional and physiological wellness.

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Responsible Dog and Cat, LLC carries liability insurance for yours and our protection. Coverage includes dog training, behavior modification, kenneling, and daycare.

We provide the most effective training and behavior plans based on your individual needs. We promote dog friendly training keeping your dog’s behavioral wellness and welfare in mind. We require a veterinary referral for all behavior cases.

Training and behavior assessments are not guaranteed. It is ethically ineffective and inappropriate to guarantee or profess an ability to predict future behavior of any living animal. Behavior is not static but is always under the influence of one’s environment and environmental conditions are always subject to change. It is for this condition that we cannot guarantee any training or behavior outcomes. Success is entirely up to you and you should consider this your responsibility.

Your pet is inspected on arrival. We are a socially directed facility. You will be expected to sign training, behavior assessment, modification, boarding, and daycare agreement.

Joyce discusses why the relationship with our pets is so important?

Having a companion animal requires building a relationship. Using standard recipes and training alone is usually not sufficient, rather you need a professional who understands the human-canine bond. This means the person you select should have knowledge in ethology, biology, physiology, the evolution and domestication of dogs, genetics, learning theory and psychology. Dogs are evaluated individually, including their environment, other pets and family to whom they belong.

I teach you how to understand and construct your relationship building trust using introductory training skills and behavior management applicable to your specific situation and expectations. Building this type of foundation encourages a cooperative pet-human relationship. I guide you how to prevent undesirable behavior, while providing your pet with skills that enhance their ability to adapt to environmental change while providing enhanced learning ability. I teach you how you can succeed and set your dog up for success!

If you think some areas of your pet's behavior might be of concern, try my phone consultation Telephone Consultation (preliminary) . I can help you decide on a course of action that might help resolve current behavior conflicts and help get your dog-human relationship back on course.

Dogs are not furry little human surrogates; they are dogs, another species called Canis lupis familiaris. Appreciation for the unique differences enhances our relationship with them. Understanding, their uniqueness increases our ability to work more effectively with them in training and developing their behavior so it meets with our expectations.

The choice you make for your pet is up to you, I encourage everyone to take responsibility for their pet and seek appropriate help that may mean avoiding inappropriate punishment, isolation, mismanagement and worse euthanasia!

Test your pet-human relationship by taking the behavior quiz. Take the quiz now!

“Every moment offers the potential for constructive learning and adaptation or the reverse, especially in the case of an impressionable puppy,”
Steven R. Lindsay

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